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Gigabyte b450 and Thermaltake view 37 rgb


Hey guys,
I have recently build a new computer, and I am kinda confused how to hook up the rgb. 
my motherboard is gigabyte b450 gaming x and case is thermaltake view 37 rgb edition, with thermaltakes rgb controller and 3 riing fans. On the instruction manual for the controller, they say that there is 2 types of cables. 1 is for aura sync and other one for gigabyte rgb fusion. I have tried to use the gigabyte one, but there isnt an available pin for it, because its 3 pin with VDG marking. There is a similar port on the motherboard, that is 4 pin(1 pin is blank between vd and g). The aura sync cable is a perfect fit in look, but the connection seems very loose. So, is there a recommended way to hook it up? Also, if anyone knows of a good way to control them via unraid, that would be awesome.

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