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7" raspberry Pi screen stuck in AV2


I got it in the mail this morning, plugged it in and mediately and tried it on my computer and got everything set up and put together and it was working perfectly fine. I then screwed my rock64 single board computer to the back of it n plugged everything in and the screen turned on, said "AV2", then "no signal", then after about 5 seconds it shuts off..


There is no av2.. there is no way to plug anything in to av2 and there is no way to switch back to AV1.. I can't even reset the thing via the osd because it won't let you bring up the menu...


I retried it on my PC, nothing. Tried it on my phone, nothing. Tried both the ribbon wire and the full size socket. I've tried every combination of every cord and plug and device I could could plug this thing in to.. I'm at a loss..


Someone help!!!!!!





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