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Cooling advice for Thermaltake core v21

Uji Ninja



I'm planning on a build with a Thermaltake core v21, a Ryzen 3700 and a RTX 2060.

I will keep the motherboard horizontal and, therefore, the GPU fans will send air right against the side panel. 

The computer will be a small workstation, not a gaming computer, and will sit under a desk. Nothing fancy.


My question: to your opinion, would it be better to keep the glass panel on the side, or should I rather put the glass panel on top and move the mesh panel with fans on the side?

I'm really worried about having the GPU so close to the glass panel, with no way to get rid of the hot air.


I won't use any water cooling, only BeQuiet fans and cpu cooler.

How would you guys set up the whole system for a good airflow?



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You can swap the side acrylic panel to the top and mesh panel to the side if the card blows air out.  Another thing you could do is keep the clear panel on the side.  And put an exhaust fan or two on the top panel. You can put two exhaust fans pretty much directly over the card and up to 4 fans on top total. Just make sure the case is elevated off the ground.  The power supply will suck air from the bottom if you keep a horizontal layout. And try to make the case a positive air pressure setup. There is an uncovered grill on the bottom panel that doesn't have a mesh filter.  Negative air pressure will lead to it possibly sucking dust and lint in through that grill opening. 

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