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Hello, i've Lenovo ideapad y700 (i7-6700HQ & GTX 960m 4GB)


my gpu core clock goes from 1096 (base clock) all the way down to 300~400Mhz and the Memory clock too in the same moment, and it always says Lim No Load. I testing it in a couple of games, GTA V, Call Of Duty Modern warfare and PUBG Mobile

The frames in GTA V stayed locked at max 30 and dropping to 26~27 while all settings are as low as it gets


GPU temps was 50C and CPU max temp was 68C

Nvidia Driver Vesion 445.87

Win 10 Version 1909 Build 18363.787


What should i do? is it VRAM Throttling or a software problem? any help would be much appreciated


P.S i replaced the thermal paste a couple of times in the past months

I also removed all of the graphics drivers in safe mode using DDU and did a fresh install of them

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