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Decent 1440p or 4k monitor without breaking the bank?


I currently have a 1080p ips 144hz acer vg271 monitor and have been using my 4k tv with a controller playing open world games and I go back to play on 1080p and it looks awful now. So I’m considering upgrading my monitor. 

Is there anything decent under $350 that’s 1440p or 4k? Id like to go 4k if possible and I’m ok with going back to 60fps just have no idea what to look at when it comes to monitors in these resolutions. 

My monitor is ips and my tv is a va panel. I’d like to avoid a tn monitor if possible, if I have to go tn then oh well it is what it is 

CPU:  Intel i9 10850k @5ghz 

Mobo: Msi Z490 Unify

Cooler: Corsair h115i capellix 280mm

Fans:  5 Corsair ML140 RGB Pro

GPU:  Evga Rtx 3070 XC3 Ultra 

Ram: Corsair RGB Pro 32gb 3600mhz 

Case: Be quiet 500DX

PSU: Corsair rmx750

Storage: 1tb WD Blue NVME, 500gb WD Blue Nvme,, 1tb WD Blue HDD

Display: Msi Mag301RF, 29.5 ips, 200hz, 2560x1080 ultrawide. Dell S2716dg 

Mouse: Glorious model D glossy 

Keyboard: Glorious Gmmk compact, Silver speed switches and Glorious aura keycaps


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