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I am having an issue with windows storage spaces or at least the way windows is displaying information. i have two 4tb hard drives in a pool which are mirrored. If I go into the storage spaces program it shows that my drives are full. It shows the total pool capacity as 7.26tb which I know is my two 4tb drives. Then underneath it shows each drive individually and here too it shows them both as full. However, if I go into This PC and look at the properties of the storage space there it shows it as having 3.63tb free of 7.26 which is clearly half of 7.26. So is windows treating the mirrored drive as a usable one instead of ignoring it as it should because it’s a redundant drive in a mirrored setup?  If this is the car, how do I get around this issue? I don’t want to have to keep track of how full my drives are by going into storage spaces. I want it to show the correct figures in This PC. 

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I have the exact same issue. I have two x 10 tb drives and five x 2 tb drives. Storage spaces says 100% utilization but it's only @ 62% (8.32 TB used of a total storage space of 13.5 tb).


I don't know what happened. I just randomly checked on this today. I think I'm just going to remove one of the 10 tb drives from the storage space, then move ALL the friggin data over to the 10 tb drive, erase the storage space (( UGH !! ))  and move everything back.


I dramatically do not want to do this however. This is such a ginormous pain. I'd love to see anyone else with an idea tho  :D


D drive for storage space is only at 62 percent used.PNG

Storage Spaces - Drive Individual Detail.png

Storage Spaces - Capacity Low summary.PNG

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An update:  I decided to remove one of the 10 tb drives from my array manually (since it wouldn't let me in Storage Spaces), wiped it and moved all data from the storage space to the single 10 tb drive.


I then deleted the storage space and the pool of devices. I've ordered another 10 tb drive to replace those old WDs that have a power-on time of over 8 years  :D


Seems that there was a critical flaw in ReFs that may have led to this. This flaw of not recovering files properly was apparently fixed in a recent version. I also upgraded to Win10 Workstation so I can create an ReFs partition (can only do on Workstation or Win Server now, sigh).

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