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Are Ryzen Dram Calculator Comparison Timings Accurate?


I was wondering and couldn't google my problem nor i saw it here, so ...... here i am.


  • tRFC timing is 390 set on Auto in Bios and Dram Calculator suggests it should be 416 which is not stable for me on that neither is 418 (420 maybe will do the job).

If comparison numbers are current timings and are true, should i leave it on Auto or should i pursue maybe 420 manual? And if any other similar timing occur to be better on Auto should i leave em like that instead?


  • There are two other timings in my Bios which i don't see: tRFC2 & tRFC4 - Should i try to push em down as much as possible or Auto again?


  • tRC seems to be far away from the sugest - will work on that too. Don't mind voltages, will squeeze em a bit more later.


Now no need of questions why i aim on that low speed - this is the ram from my old PC, which i got not so long ago, so not in a mood for new sticks right now, not in the next 2 years probably.

If anyone is curious about other hardware MB: Asus Rog Crosshair VI Hero & Ryzen 5 3600, MEMORY: HyperX Savage KIT 2x8GB  2133Mhz with 2x X.M.P. on 2666Mhz & 3000Mhz Not sure if other hardware is relevant.


 Thank you for your time, hopefully to find some answers.

RAM Timing.png

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