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I just bought myself 8gb of ddr2 memory. the ad said nothing about it being fully buffered. I tried to install it in mye computer but the notch did not line up. What can i use ddr2 fully buffered for? 

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You can sell it or throw it away. Why did you buy DDR2 memory for your DDR4 motherboard?

Don't ask to ask, just ask... please 🤨

sudo chmod -R 000 /*

What is scaling and how does it work? Asus PB287Q unboxing! Console alternatives :D Watch Netflix with Kodi on Arch Linux Sharing folders over the internet using SSH Beginner's Guide To LTT (by iamdarkyoshi)

Sauron'stm Product Scores:


Just a list of my personal scores for some products, in no particular order, with brief comments. I just got the idea to do them so they aren't many for now :)

Don't take these as complete reviews or final truths - they are just my personal impressions on products I may or may not have used, summed up in a couple of sentences and a rough score. All scores take into account the unit's price and time of release, heavily so, therefore don't expect absolute performance to be reflected here.


-Lenovo Thinkpad X220 - [8/10]


A durable and reliable machine that is relatively lightweight, has all the hardware it needs to never feel sluggish and has a great IPS matte screen. Downsides are mostly due to its age, most notably the screen resolution of 1366x768 and usb 2.0 ports.


-Apple Macbook (2015) - [Garbage -/10]


From my perspective, this product has no redeeming factors given its price and the competition. It is underpowered, overpriced, impractical due to its single port and is made redundant even by Apple's own iPad pro line.


-OnePlus X - [7/10]


A good phone for the price. It does everything I (and most people) need without being sluggish and has no particularly bad flaws. The lack of recent software updates and relatively barebones feature kit (most notably the lack of 5GHz wifi, biometric sensors and backlight for the capacitive buttons) prevent it from being exceptional.


-Microsoft Surface Book 2 - [Garbage - -/10]


Overpriced and rushed, offers nothing notable compared to the competition, doesn't come with an adequate charger despite the premium price. Worse than the Macbook for not even offering the small plus sides of having macOS. Buy a Razer Blade if you want high performance in a (relatively) light package.


-Intel Core i7 2600/k - [9/10]


Quite possibly Intel's best product launch ever. It had all the bleeding edge features of the time, it came with a very significant performance improvement over its predecessor and it had a soldered heatspreader, allowing for efficient cooling and great overclocking. Even the "locked" version could be overclocked through the multiplier within (quite reasonable) limits.


-Apple iPad Pro - [5/10]


A pretty good product, sunk by its price (plus the extra cost of the physical keyboard and the pencil). Buy it if you don't mind the Apple tax and are looking for a very light office machine with an excellent digitizer. Particularly good for rich students. Bad for cheap tinkerers like myself.



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i bought it for a computer that uses ddr2

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@Nicomyr04 DDR2 Fully buffered is for old Xeon LGA771 motherboards.

PC #1 : Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI | i7-7700 | Cryorig C7 Cu | 16GB DDR4-2400 | LSI SAS 9211-8i | 240GB NVMe M.2 PCIe PNY CS2030 | SSD&HDDs 49.5TB total | Quantum LTO5 HH SAS drive | GC-Alpine Ridge | Corsair HX750i | Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01 | ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ 2560x1440 @ 60 Hz (plugged HDMI port, shared with PC #2) | Win10
PC #2 : Gigabyte MW70-3S0 | 2x E5-2667 v3 | 2x Intel BXSTS200C | 32GB DDR4-2133 ECC Reg | Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming OC 8G | 6x 120GB SSD SATA RAID0 SanDisk Plus | Seasonic SSR-850TR | Lian Li PC-A77 | ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ 2560x1440 @ 144 Hz (plugged DP port, shared with PC #1) | Win10
PC #3 : Mini PC Zotac 4K | Celeron N3150 | 8GB DDR3L 1600 | 250GB M.2 SATA WD Blue | Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB | Samsung Blu-ray writer USB | Genius SP-HF1800A | TV Panasonic TX-40DX600E UltraHD | Win10
PC #4 : ASUS P2B-F | PIII 500MHz | 512MB SDR 100 | Leadtek WinFast GeForce 256 SDR 32MB | 2x Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D² 8MB in SLI | Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA | 80GB HDD UATA | Fortron/Source FSP235-60GI | Zalman R1 | DELL E151FP 15" TFT 1024x768 | Win98SE

Laptop : Lenovo ThinkPad T61p | T9500 | 4GB DDR2 667 | Quadro FX 570m | 120GB SSD OCZ Vertex 2 | 15.4" TFT 1920x1200 | Win10

PC tablet : Fujitsu Point 1600 | PMMX 166MHz | 160MB EDO | 20GB HDD UATA | external floppy drive | 10.4" DSTN 800x600 touchscreen | AGFA SnapScan 1212u blue | Win98SE

Laptop collection #1 : IBM ThinkPad 340CSE | 486SLC2 66MHz | 12MB RAM | 360MB IDE | internal floppy drive | 10.4" DSTN 640x480 256 color | Win3.1 with MS-DOS 6.22

Laptop collection #2 : IBM ThinkPad 380E | PMMX 150MHz | 80MB EDO | NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD | 2.1GB IDE | internal floppy drive | internal CD-ROM drive | Intel PRO/100 Mobile PCMCIA | 12.1" FRSTN 800x600 16-bit color | Win98

Laptop collection #3 : Toshiba T2130CS | 486DX4 75MHz | 32MB EDO | 520MB IDE | internal floppy drive | 10.4" STN 640x480 256 color | Win3.1 with MS-DOS 6.22

And 5 others computers (2 Apple classic, 1 mini PC WinXP and 2 PC pocket WinCE)

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