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Buying a budget 144hz, need help (LG 24GL600F or Dell S2419HGF)


I have the option of these two, there isn't much other options in South Africa at the moment.
Any input is valuable, I'm leaning towards the dell, but the fact that its 120hz native with overclock to 144 is one possibly a downside? 
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I've recently bought an LG 24GL600F and I can say it is a pretty solid monitor.


Please, keep in mind I am no monitor expert, but I'll share some positive and negative aspects of this monitor.


Firstly, on the positive side, it is a monitor that does what it promises really well. The 144 Hz refresh rate works fine, the response times are great and, for a TN panel, it actually has some pretty decent colors. It is also G-Sync compatible: I've been using it with my GTX 1060 on DisplayPort. If you have an AMD GPU, FreeSync should work on HDMI as well.


There are some things that I dislike, though, but they are quite personal: one of them is that even though the colors are good, they're not as good as an IPS panel (I have a non-gamer monitor next to it, which is IPS, and the colors are much better). Another thing is that it does not have a fully adjustable stand, it only rotates back and forth.


And, finally, I must warn you about something you have to keep in mind: ironically, I kind of regret buying a 144 Hz monitor, because I can't hit 144 fps in all games. I bought it mainly for CS:GO, but I also play other games, which are not competitive. I thought that it would be fine to play those games at 60-75 fps using FreeSync, but once you try 144 fps @ 144 Hz, even 75 Hz looks stuttery to you. So, yeah, keep that in mind.


Edit: by the way, depending on where you live, there is a version of this monitor with a height adjustable stand, it is called 24GL650F-B.


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