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My SSD do weird thing help plz



I recently bought Star Citizen and learned that installing it on an SSD was really better for performance, so I copied my 60GB folder to my SSD which has 71GB of available storage, but the moment I copy the folder the 60GB are directly assigned, I'm left with 20GB which are used in the transfert so I can't copy it and run out of storage. 


My SSD is 128GB Btw 


I don't really understand what's going on, could you help me? 


Thank you in advance :)



Little update : I've started a new installation of the game on the SSD and this time it seems to be working, it's not finished so I'm not safe from a surprise. Aha.

Little update 2: Surprise incoming, the SSD filled up too fast i'm scared :') 

SURPRISE: It run out of space and my pc crash, but hopefully data already download are still on the SSD I will end this download FINALY after a whole night and a bit of a day on my pc 
But if you have an explanation about what s going on it will be pretty cool 

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