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CPU temp and usage skyrocketing



I built myself a pc for the first time about 3 months ago, everything's been running smoothly and my biggest issue so far was getting my WiFi to work. Yesterday I played about the whole day AC Origins and that's when my first real issue started - in the evening my pc locked up while ingame, couldn't use keyboard or mouse and only option I had was to manually push the power button to turn of the PC.


I tried a different game, which worked fine for a while before my pc would lock up again, forcing me to manually restart the pc. 


I noticed that my cpu has real high temperatures now, and it even suddenly blows up usage like crazy when only in idle.


Prior my cpu would be around 30-40 C temperature wise and usage was like 1% when doing nothing. Now my temperatures skyrocket to almost 60 degree for no reason, starting any game locks up the PC completely with the temps and usage blowing through the roof. No clue what the issue is here, I doubt the CPU just suddenly started overheating for no reason. 



At least the temperature and usage seemed to be somewhat normal again, I'm currently running core temp and it gives me about 29-35 C when being idle. Pretty sure if I were to open a game now the temps and usage would spike and lock my pc up again. 


My specs :


MSI x570-a pro 

AMD Ryzen 3700x 

PSU Corsair TX550M

GPU GeForce RTX 2070 super 


Anyone a clue on what to do? I'm kind of a newbie in terms of pc builds and stuff, so clear speech that even a 5 year old would understand would be very much appreciated. 


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Could always be a virus, if you get high temperature with idling machine...

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no kicking against the pc? mechanical damage to the cooling etc. ? (cooler not sitting tight on cpu) 


download HWinfo - run cinebench R20 a few times and if interested if your graphic performs good, do some Heaven Benchmark runs too. ( CPU-Z / Prime95 for some constant stress on the cpu) 
Monitor voltage - clockspeed - temperature. HwInfo shows you lowest - highest and average of everything. 

Having sudden onsets of usage can be quite normal cause there are tasks that start , end , do their stuff themselfes , for example anti virus. And if power is needed ryzen always gives it all. :D

Antivirus/trojan check. - windows integrated BitDefender , and Malwarebytes is good stuff . 

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