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How are standard 12v 4pin RGB headers wired on a gigabyte gaming SLI

My Gigabyte z390 Gaming SLI has a standard 4pin RGB header onboard that syncs a strip with the onboard leds. The onboard LEDS are blue to match the rest of the build, but I want the strip, which is under my desk to be white.

I assume the way they work is the 12V pin provides voltage for all Leds and when the red, green or blue pins are grounded by the onboard controller, the respective leds turn on, meaning I assume that with what I have made below everything will be fine but I don't want to plug it in and risk damaging my motherboard until I know for sure its safe.

With a bit of heat shrink, some wireclippers and a couple of RGB male to male connectors I have made this connector for my rgb strip to effectively short the red and green terminals on the strip to the blue pin on the motherboard, thus making the strip white. Is this safe? Or is there any way it will damage the RGB controller on my motherboard? As well as this, will this then mean the white light of the led strip is not as bright? I expect this although It's not a major issue.




Note, the red and green pins on the motherboard are not connected to anything and are clipped on the connector that plugs into the motherboard, only the blue pin is shorted to the red and green of the strip.

Thanks in advance


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