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Google account on security hold for over 4 weeks - cannot log in


Hello fellow LTT viewers, 


I'm writing to you with this request, because I feel like I have already used all my other options. Over 4 weeks ago I have been logged out of my Google account from all but 1 device. My account has been put on a security lockdown. Since then I have filed multiple account recovery requests, which all have been declined without a reason. I have also gone through automated account recovery through a trusted device, which apparently succeeded (judging from the success email I received), but the account is still on security lockdown. I have created a thread on Google support forums (https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/41745044) but nobody from Google reached out to me about my problems.

The ridiculous part of this situation for me is that I have access to all the factors that are necessary to log into my account, I know the password, I have access to both the recovery email and recovery phone number and I have the access to the 2 factor authentication codes. 

I posted this message, because I'm looking for someone from Google who could escalate my issue internally, I believe I will be able to prove the ownership to a real human being. The other thing that I believe could help me very much would be just a good, old social media shoutout, so that Google notices my issue.


I'm happy to provide the email address and prove that I have access to it, or to show that I'm in possession of any other accounts registered under the Google account in question.

This account holds over the decade of all my personal data, from emails through photos to documents, it would be an incredible problem to lose access to that completely.


To the moderation team - I wasn't sure where to post this, I'm sorry if I chose the incorrect section.

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