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My Friend's PC Build

Darkk Poizon

So my friend bought my first rig that I built and for me it worked well for the time. The pc is freezing tho not just during games but just in chrome. FX 9590 water cooled, 16gb of ram now since the other two "died" they said or wont show up or just wont boot the pc with them in. 770 gpu, we swapped pc's for a time and I had no freezes or crashes during it I even stressed the F out of it by running battlefield and red dead r2 on ultra (15fps-30fps max) even left it on over night acouple of times to see if it would crash or whatever. nope. they did have a 750watt power supply I think or something because I didnt give them my first powersupply but now they have it. 1000watt one. the only thing we didn't swapped was our ssd's and she had no problems with my pc of course when she had it. 2700X 32gb 1080. I recently upgraded tho so I don't have my 2nd build anymore I sold it to upgrade it completely. Any help on fixing this would be helpful there getting worried about the whole thing. I don't know about thermal's because I don't think they check those. (pictures was from when I first started too learn about PC's)



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