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Corrupt EDID? Display options missing, works in safe mode


Hey guys,


I woke up to my monitoring not functioning correctly, the resolution is set to 640x480 and has no other options to change to:




This monitor is the exact same as the third one there and it would appear that their EDID are entirely different (one with data one without) - it would seem that when booted into safe mode or without the display driver the monitor functions (did not check if there were other resolution options) but not with nvidia drivers installed.


Now I am unsure of the next steps I should take?


Does anyone have any insight on this issue?




Upon further inspection, the default microsoft driver is somehow picking the correct resolution but not refresh rate, there are no options to change the resolution also pointing towards the EDID being corrupt. 

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It seems for now I am able to override the EDID with CRU which helps, I cloned the one off my other monitor and applied that, then took the custom 144 hz settings from that montior and applied it as a custom resolution in the control panel... not a great solution cause it is temporary.

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