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Fan EMI noise in audio signal


I didn't know exactly where to put this thread, but I guess it's partially an audio issue.

I run a mid tower for audio production and I use a lot of software amp plugins for guitars.
When I play my guitar, EMI interference from the front case fans gets into the pickups on my guitar and creates a loud high pitched noise.
The sound is always there but seems amplified now that I run a Focusrite 4i4 that runs power off of the USB port.

I don't have a lot of space in the desk I use, so It sits in a shelf next to my chair, and I can't move anything due to the cables being so short. The sound does seem to dissipate the farther from the computer I get, but then I can't control my DAW.

I was wondering if there was anything out there I could get that could block this noise, maybe a nice shielded case or faraday cage made for audio production, or maybe something to isolate the USB power?

I've been hopping from one audio forum to the next trying to find some answers, but it seems not a lot of people have this issue. I figured I'd try a tech forum instead this time.

Windows 10 Pro 64bit. i5-9400F. 16GB ram. gtx1660Ti.

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What model is your guitar?
It may not have effective EMI shielding, in which case you can add it. 
Shielding paint is quite common though I'm partial to copper tape.
Some pickups are much more susceptible to EM also, though I'm not sure it's your case fans that are causing the issue.
I have a bunch of fans on my production PC and none of my guitars pick up interference from the PC, from the cheapest Ibanez Gio to the most expensive Musicman Stingray.....


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I'm currently using a Schecter C1 Custom. It already seems shielded. The noise gets louder when I move my guitar closer to my front fan, shutting off the fan eliminates the noise but I can't leave my computer like that.

I think the main problem is that the computer is RIGHT next to my guitar, in the desk cubby-hole, less than a foot away form my right leg. I have no way of moving it, as this desk I have is old and won't allow for it to be placed anywhere else.

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EMI, EMC, and UMF in DC Fans | Comair Rotron


Cooling Fan Noise Reduction In Your PCB |Altium 


If you have other fans maybe try those to see if they also cause it, easiest troubleshooting.


Are they connected straight to the PSU, motherboard, a fan controller ?


Running constant voltage, controlled or PWM ?


Could try running at different speeds, try different orientations, twist the leads, route them differently.


Is the front panel glass/perspex front, solid or mesh ?


Deets please. What case, what fans, PSU, motherboard, fan controller if applicable.


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