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Pc keep crashing, possible malfunctioning ssd?


Hi guys, 4 month ago I built my new pc with these specs (everything was brand new):

cpu: ryzen 5 2600 (no oc)
gpu: powercolor red dragon rx 5700 (drivers : 20.2.2) (no oc)
ram: 16 gb 3200MHz ballistix
motherboard: msi b450 tomahawk max
psu: corsair cx 550 m 80 bronze
storage: wd blue ssd 500gb (here I have installed windows 10 home)
storage 2: seagate 1 tb hdd;
This is what happened in the last month: 

- After I finished a lol match, while I was in the menu my entire system became slow as hell and it crashed.Tried to reboot but got bsod and I had to reinstall windows. Then I had to try al least 3 times because I was getting errors while installing it on the ssd (loading bar got stuck).

- I was copying a 30 gb file from the ssd to the hdd, when there was like 7 gb left it stopped, ssd usage was at 100% but both write and read speeds were at zero. Then the system stopped working and I had to reboot

- While I was playing minecraft offline I was experiencing so much lag. Then if I tried to save and exit i got stuck in "saving world" window. Couldn't do anything else so I had to reebot (got a corrupted world because of that)

- Sometimes after I reboot the system it says "insert boot device". Then if I turn it off and on again it solves by itself

- Got some ingame crashes with tomb raider 2013.

- Never had problems with games like world war z, apex legends, resident evil. 


What I tried so far: 

-switching sata cables and sata ports

-CrystalDiskInfo says both ssd and hdd are in good conditions

- Clean installation of gpu drivers 

- cpu and gpu temps are ok

- I dont have fast startup enabled


- On another forum a guy suggested me to switch to a 650w psu, but everywhere  I go on internet, people use 550w with an rx 5700 without problems.

https://outervision.com/b/Q2vHYp here this power calculator (suggested by linus) says wattage is around 400 watt


I would like to know if you guys have any idea of what could be the problem.

Thank you so much!



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new update:

-today I made my antivirus (most recent Norton version) run a complete system scan. It completed it without any probem. Then I used the windows 10 RAM diagnostic tool to check my RAM. This also finishede without any problem. But then when I got back to the windows log in screen, I noticed a lot of mouse lag, I couldn't do anything so I had to reboot.

-I don't know why, but when my system is suspended for inactivity, when I turn it on, my keyboard is not recognised, so I have to reboot the entire system to make it work again. I turned off this option in windows settings, but I still would like to know why it happens.

- I noticed that when I play lara croft 2013 it runs smoothly, then after like 10/20 minutes i get some hiccups/stutters when I open crates or when I find objects. If I exit the game, and try to do anything else like opening some chrome tabs, I get some stutters and freeze. Is this a GPU issue? or it is just bad optimization of the game?


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new update: today I remembered that a few weeks ago my computer was running fine, but I had my ram frequency on 2933 MHz. So I thought that getting it to 3200 MHz it would have only made a positive change since it should be the standard frequency of my memory. Since then I always had it setted to 3200MHz;

Is this normal? now I changed it back to 2933 (I enabled "auto" instead of 3200 in bios setting and it automatically setted to 2933) to see if it keep crashing. Yesterday (still with 3200MHz) I finished playing lol, exited riot client, I opened a chrome tab and the the system froze. 

I saw on internet some stuff about 3200 MHz problems, but was from some posts made a few years ago. I would like to know if this could be the actual problem.

I will keep you updated.

ps. I also disabled the XMP profile, I had it enabled on the one that gets me the most performances. This was also enabled the same day I mentioned before


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more updates: I thought that having disabled the XMP profile was the final solution, unfotunatly it wasn't. Today while I was playing minecraft the world stopped loading the new map and then the system crashed. I had to reboot, and I got a "select boot device" error. So I rebooted again and it took a while before I could log in. Then I opened 2 chrome tabs and it crashed again. I had to reboot.
I don't know what the hell is happening but is driving me crazy. 
Anyone has any idea of could be the problem ? I tried to much stuff but still these crashes makes me so salty, because the old pc I replaced with this one I'm talking about, was slow af but at least was stable. 


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