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Got a new Ryzen 2700x and pc reboots randomly


hi. getting desperate here, pls help me...
I bought a new Ryzen 7 2700x , MSI B450M Pro-Vhd Max and 2x8 ddr4 ripjaw rams. All that was left from my previous build was my GTX 1060 6gb. Also, changed my power supply with one i had in my parents computer from a corsair CS450 (may be a CX nnot sure...) to a corsair CX600m.
Inicially i was using a CM Hyper 212x cooler, but i was getting some temps a bit off (40-50c in idle). so after figuring that out i started the use the cooler wraith prims that comes with the ryzen 7. By this time I already reseted my pc so i could check my temps without processes running in the background.
After that temps got better (30-45c idle) but now my pc shuts down without a warning. I've tried everything that i could think and research.
So let's see, i already:
-Changed the cooler and thermal paste
-Updated BIOS
-Installed AMD chipset driver
-Installed all the drivers i could think using MSI support cd that came with the mobo
-Installed drivers from device manager
-Changed power options
-Check to see if the cables were all connected correctly
-Check the rams. took them out and plug in again
-Chaged some SATA cables to better ones
When I see the event viewer log after shuting down i get a bunch of warnings, some errors and i critical - Kernel Power 41.
Note that before i reseted my windows this didnt happen.
I can show the log if it helps.
Please help, i dont knwo what else to do...
TL;DR - Pc reboots randomly after changing cpu and mobo, event viewer log shows critical error Kernel Power 41.
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31 minutes ago, super_teabag said:

perhaps checking if the memory is on the QVL? 

ok nvm. checked mobo and it doesn't appear g skill 2800mhz. means it doesnt support it? does that cause the kernel power error and the shut down?

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It means that your motherboard vendor didn't test that memory kit to have no issues with your processor. Don't worry though, just because it's not on that qualified vendor list doesn't mean that your memory, motherboard, and cpu won't ever play nicely together. It simply means that you yourself may need to get stable memory.


This isn't to say that this is the solution, but in my light research on the the Kernel 41 error you're experiencing yielded that this is most likely a hardware issue. Also, Kernel generally referencing your operating systems underlying low level code. Low level you say "super teabag", well simply put this is the code, bytecode, and instructions that interact with your hardware directly.


TLDR: I suggest you develop a plan to make sure your memory is stable. I'll outline some steps that should aid you.


1) Create a bootable media (USB, CD) whatever you would like of Memtest86+ availible here: Memtest86+ and do your own research on how to run this. I'd run the test when you boot into Memtest86+.


If you fail during this test, or you start to get errors which it will indicate to you. Then you've probably found your problem and you can go about a solution


Solution A. Get a compable memory kit off of the QVL your motherboard supports.

Solution B. Lookup, how to use a program called "DRAM calculator" on youtube. And use the "calculate safe" option when using that program. This will require you to manually set your memory timings and requires some research, but it should give you stable memory. If you choose this option. I'd be happy to outline more steps for you to take as this can get pretty involved and I feel qualified to help you.


My reasoning for this is that typically that CPU you have is notorious for having memory support issues and lines up with the Windows logs of it being a hardware issue.

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Thank you so much! maybe i should add that my rams are overclocked. mobo only reads 2133mhz.

Also, i did the windows memory test, nothing showed up... will try the Memtest tho

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