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AMD Fortnite resolution lock. (Please help Red team)


Hi guys (first post here)

After 6 years with my Alienware 14 the GT750M was starting spoil my experience.

Fortnite is one of the main games I play with close friends, the laptop was running 1080p medium/low and was manageable until late.


I put a budget build together with local second hand bargains.

At first I bought a R9 270x for very little money... I only needed a small boost over the 750m 

I then swapped this out for an Rx580 8gb GTS


The problem I've been having it setting in game resolution to 1080p in just this one game.

CSGO, COD and all sorts of other games it runs perfect at 1080p high/ultra.

Fortnite will only allow for x768 in full screen mode.


There is a twist... Laptop has played it at 1080p for years on this Sony TV.

Plug a 4k 55" into the Radeon and all resolutions are unlocked.


I've obviously reinstalled everything and fiddled with settings for two days at this point.


I just can't figure out why the rig switches from 1080p in Windows to x768 in this one game, and locks any other Res out.


The only other worry I have is that in Windows 7 resolution settings it recommends x768, but gives the option for 1080p where it runs fine.


First experience with the red team ☹️


Thanks in advance! 


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