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Ultrawide 144hz ips monitor

So i'm trying to buy a ultrawide monitor for the first time.

Doing a bit a research i can see everything is out of stock XD.

I was trying to buy it on Bestbuy or on amazon.


I sadly got no options these where the ones i was interested in.




This is the only option thats available right now and its also VA reviews are good from what i can tell. 

sadly its 120hz but going from 144-120 i shouldn't notice much of a difference.



So my question is go with MSI ,wait for the LG or something else?

I mostly play fps games, like Battlefield.

lately I've been playing mmorpg waiting on Amazon New world to come out .


I had a 27" dell 144hz 1440p TN panel that i sold since it about 5yrs old.

Just wanted to upgrade but now i'm stuck with a qnix ips or VA panel .

Budget is 900$ the less the better.


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