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Windows 10 crashes during setup after fresh install on NVME drive.


Hey guys, I'm currently having a problem with a new NVME SSD that I bought recently.


I am trying to install a clean version of windows 10 onto the drive.


I made the installation media on a usb drive and then booted to that usb and installed windows onto the new drive. That all processed normally.


However when I now boot to the new drive, It goes into the usually set up for windows 10 (so like do and I want this and that or whatever).


The problem is I am never actually able to finish this setup before it seems to crash and defaults to a black screen where nothing happens.


This happens at random times and isn't tied to a specific place in the setup.


Any ideas on what might be causing this?


Any help is appreciated :) .




Never mind...


turns out it switches monitor outputs halfway though for some reason... the monitor was being used by something else. 


There goes about 2 hours of my time...

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me being an idiot
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