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Thinking of swapping from Apple to Android...any pros/cons I should be aware of?

Go to solution Solved by huilun02,
5 hours ago, sourceofvegemite said:


Of those you mentioned, I'd avoid the iPhone because of the piss small battery, dated design with small screen. Ignore idiots who say iPhones are more efficient than Android. It doesn't change the fact that it has a piss small battery that won't last long per charge or for total service lifetime. You will already fail two of your own criteria for going with this.


I'd also avoid the S10 because in Australia you will probably get the Exynos version which is known to overheat and is inferior to the Snapdragon version (SD855)


The K30 Pro is guaranteed to come with an SD865 and has a completely uninterrupted screen. It also has the biggest battery of the lot (4700 vs 3400 vs 1821)


I suggest the K30 pro as it has the HARDWARE that will last the longest and as such will provide the most MATERIAL benefit to your usage in the long term. Focus on how the traits of the device has an ACTUAL impact on how you use it.


Tiny battery that forces you to charge more often than you'd like? That fucking sucks. Avoid that from the get go.


Small battery deteriorating quickly through increased charge cycles thus forcing you to spend to replace it to compensate for this shortcoming? Fuck that. Why get a something that YOU will have to compensate for? 


Small internal storage that forces you to consume data for slower access to cloud storage? That fucking sucks. Avoid that from the get go.


Remember to think about yourself. There are many people out there who might tell you that they are fine with certain shortcomings, or how it is "good enough" for them. Your are not them.


And when someone tries to sell you on something, remember to check if the said 'feature' actually has any impact on how you use your device.


Remember to satisfy the objectives that you have laid out in the first place. Else you will make a bad decision that will leave you wanting until it is time to spend on yet another phone.

So obviously your experience will likely vary, but this is what I consider the main differences between Android and iPhone. Android offers a lot more freedom, but that comes at the cost of having far less polished stock apps. The only three stock apps I still regularly use are Google Maps, Gallery (only for pictures, not videos), and Gmail. I've replaced just about everything else. I don't even use the stock dialer app, as I consider exDialer to be a lot better for contacts. I use Next SMS for sending messages, ES File Explorer for file management, SwiftKey for my keyboard, etc. There's pretty much always something far better out there, but that also means your out of the box experience probably won't be the best.


If you want speed and good battery life, a Oneplus phone might be good for you. I got a OnePlus 6 when they were brand new and it's only just starting to show some wear. It's possible that it's fine though. I might be spending way more time on it because of the quarantine. Personally, I'm not going back to Samsung phones. They lock down too many features, but I'm the kind of person who loves to tinker with a phone.

Make sure to quote or tag me (@JoostinOnline) or I won't see your response!

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15 hours ago, sourceofvegemite said:

even if I have to sacrifice the convenience of iMessage.

  17 hours ago, huilun02 said:

If you happen to have a mac (or are able to purchase an old mac mini for around $70) you can set up an AirMessage server so you can still use IMessage on android. But the implementation is not perfect

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I've decided!  I'll invest in a K30 Pro.  Very keen to tinker around with a brand new OS experience.  Thanks for all your helps guys.

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2 hours ago, sourceofvegemite said:

I've decided!  I'll invest in a K30 Pro.  Very keen to tinker around with a brand new OS experience.  Thanks for all your helps guys.

K30 pro (or poco F2) looks really promising in terms of value (hardware/price). Just keep in mind that Xiaomi has been in bad daylight recently (link shown below). Even though basically any phone company is involved in tracking data one way or another. It's worth reading into it and seeing how it evolves.

I believe Xiaomi already replied to the "accusations" and claiming some of them were false, but I haven't gone to deep into it.


I myself am looking for a new device aswell and i'm atm considering the OP8 coming from the oneplus 2 myself. My current oneplus 2 cost ~300euro in 2015ish and lasted me 5 years, so i'm really, really satisfied with this brand. It's just that they've become a flagship nowadays, rather than a flagship killer they used to be and thus increased in price. Oneplus also gives 3 years of updates instead of 2 and their OxygenOS is better than stock android. (perhaps a bit biased since i'm a OP user) but a lot of phone reviewers think the same. I just wish OP8 wasn't that big (16cm+) is just.. so large.


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2 hours ago, sourceofvegemite said:

I've decided!  I'll invest in a K30 Pro.  Very keen to tinker around with a brand new OS experience.  Thanks for all your helps guys.

Just another note, check out the Airdroid app if you want to be able to use your phone from your computer, or transfer any files. It will make the transition from iPhone easier. Those other apps I mentioned are great too.

Make sure to quote or tag me (@JoostinOnline) or I won't see your response!

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On 4/30/2020 at 7:28 PM, sourceofvegemite said:

As the title suggests, I'm thinking of upgrading my current iPhone SE (1st gen) to something a little bit more modern.  I don't really use my phone for much else other than light puzzle games, social media and managing my business - but I'm thinking of making the swap to Android after being a long time Apple user.


Looking at a budget of around $1k AUD maximum... let me know if you have any recommendations for either platform :)


EDIT: Additional info from a reply I made further down.


I've had lots of positive experiences so far with the 1st gen SE. 

But there are lots of software/hardware issues currently that I'm dealing with.

  • Battery is no longer reliable and drains fast - I've had multiple shutdowns and reboots when my phone has displayed up to 25% current battery capcacity
  • Load times on apps are increasing rapidly, and becoming slow/unresponsive very frequently - sometimes the phone will lock itself in a horizontal landscape even when vertical, resulting in a restart being required
  • Occasionally stuck in a boot loop - quite scary as this happened once when updating my phone, ended up wiping a lot of critical data that I had neglected to back up on the cloud... silly me
  • Buttons no longer working or working when they feel like it - Touch ID sensor is cooked, work about 25% of the time.  Lock screen button occasionally faulty.  Not the end of the world, but a nuisance

The above is a bit of a smorgasboard of hardware/software fixes, and even if I invest in replacing parts myself (battery, home button etc), it is likely that software issues will still remain.  And the CPU in the 1st gen SE is not really keeping up I feel.


Some things that I wish were better, or that I would love to have on my phone:

  • Larger display to assist in reading emails and sending messages to clients - the small display on a 1st gen SE does not cut it anymore.  No two ways about that unfortunately
  • Better software stability and responsiveness - Not much to add here to be honest
  • Competitive battery capacity and storage - Able to be used all day, frequently.  I should say that as part of my education I do a lot of recording/videoing with the camera for self-critique, and having decent storage and quality microphones would be a massive bonus.

I think a new phone would benefit me greatly, but also the tech nerd part of me wants to be satisfied as well I guess haha.

Also fyi hope the conversion worked out, but it roughly goes to $645USD.  So definitely not looking at any current flagships.  Budget would include decent case/glass protector as well for the long term.


I'm hoping to make a good investment now that will last me maybe 4/5 years (I understand tech is moving so fast that this is likely impossible).

I cant imagine going back to Android. My Samsung Galaxy was just a buggy laggy virus laden mess at times, especially after owning it for a while. Security was an issue. Never have had any issues like that with my Iphone. Its always been butter smooth. Im looking to upgrade to an Iphone 8 plus, which is around 450 USD for a new one on Ebay. 

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