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No audio from onboard audio in Asrock b350m pro 4

Good day, as my title suggest I have been experiencing a no audio/sound comming from my asrock b350m pro 4, it all started when I just restarted my pc because installed logitech g hub. I have tried the following:
-reinstalling audio driver (the driver came from asrocks website and realteks website)(I aslo used ddu to uninstall the audio driver)
-resetting the bios to defaults
-reseat cpu, ram, gpu
-reformatting my os
-disabling and enabling onboard audio in bios
-updating bios to 5.9
-trying back panel audio with removed front panel audio
As you can see in the screenshot I attached, the realtek driver can be seen in the control panel but there are no audio being detected in the device manager. A logitec z120 is currently plugged in the audio out at the back of my motherbaod and a set of headphones on the front panel audio. The only audio I have as of now is from my gpu through the hdmi output. Is this a hardware problem already? If it is can I still use my pc safely or should I wait for the covid-19 case to subside and purchase new mobo?
P.S. the only part that I have with warranty is my gpu since I plan to upgrade my mobo and procie already but due to the pandemic I havent yet
R 3 1200
2x4gb crucial ballistix 2400mhz
galax gtx 1660ti
250gb 850 samsung evo
1tb wd blue


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