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Asus X570-F - G skill Trident z 3466mhz compatible?

I'm looking to get some G. SKill Trident Z 3466Mhz C16 RAM as there's a good deal on it. I know it's not the fastest but it is faster than my 3200 Mhz C16 HyperX Fury RAM and a bit cheaper also. The main reason I want to return the hyperx fury and get G Skill is because the RGB on the HyperX fury doesn't sync with Asus Aura as advertised. The increased speeds for cheaper on the G Skill are just a nice plus.


The memory isn't on the QVL list. Should I be concerned about being able to run it at its advertised speeds/timings?

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QVL of mysterious motherboard and cpu from wondrous far away places that no one really knows about.

If it's a Ryzen 2000 it's support is 2933mt/s. If it's Ryzen 3000 the supported speed of these processors is 3200mt/s.

Intel platform is a bit more flexible than AMD's


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