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Pc stuck at windows logo after installing new ram

Please help! I installed two new identical 4gb ram sticks and my pc is stuck on the windows logo, If i put only one stick its stuck on the windows logo if I put both sticks in Its stuck on BIOS startup screen, I tryed to change the voltage in the Bios, I tryed the windows auto-repair it just shuts down, I tryed to boot it from a USB which had a Windows recovery tool the blue screen of death appears. Nothing works, also i  tryed every dimm slot still nothing.. If i revert back to the old Ram evrything works just fine. I checked my Ram is 100% compatible with my motherboard. Please help, i dont know what to do anymore. 


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Well depending on which 2 DDR2 sticks you use on certain (unsure of) motherboards and sometimes with certain processors (have no clue) there may be some standard issues where the memory controller may just need a nudge in voltage, this would be Cpu/NB voltage on M3A32 MVP Wifi Deluxe App Solo for example. 


Well good luck!!

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