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Lag issues Gaming 7 X299

Anybody have the Gaming 7 X299? And the 7800X cpu by chance? 

I’ve got quite a mystery to solve. 

A few months ago I started noticing video lag in my editing software. Checked for Windows updates - which usually solves it. It didn’t. Then I started noticing lag everywhere else. I mean everywhere. I’d try to restart it and it wouldn’t come on. Lights and fans would come on but that’s it. Sometimes the whole system would be on but nothing would come on the screen. MB shows all sorts of weird codes. 

But then sometimes, it would work fine. But not for long.

1. I dusted the entire PC. 

2. I tested the RAM and CPU with Windows (RAM) and Intel CPU test. Both were fine. 

3. I swapped out the GPU for another. Same issue. 

4. I installed a sample version of Windows on a clean drive with nothing else. Same issue.

5. I noticed it was running really hot and seemed to act up the hotter it got. Replaced the case fans and upgraded from a 120mm to a 360mm liquid cooler. Now the machine is ice cold. And it’s been running great, until today. 

The lag came back. Not as bad, but it’s there. 

I’ve had this build for a year and half and only now have these issues. What on Earth could this be?????

My setup:

Intel 7800X 6 core 
Gaming 7 X299
Ballistix Sport LT 2666 64GB DDR4 ram
MSI Gaming GTX 1060 6GB GPU
HP 500gb SSD X 2
HP 120gb SSD X 1
Rosewill 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold

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 MB shows all sorts of weird codes. 


I'm interested in which codes. That is your go to diagnostic list.

Please, which of these are you getting?


[Motherboard] General Qcode / Q-code / Post Code table for ASUS motherboards (X299 chipset)
pulled from https://warp9-systems.proboards.com/thread/1240/bios-post-code-beeps

00 Not used
01 Power on. Reset type detection (soft/hard).
02 AP initialization before microcode loading.
03 System Agent initialization before microcode loading.
04 PCH initialization before microcode loading.
06 Microcode loading.
07 AP initialization after microcode loading.
08 System Agent initialization after microcode loading.
09 PCH initialization after microcode loading.
0A Initialization after microcode loading.
0B Cache initialization.
0C-0D Reserved for future AMI SEC error codes.
0E Microcode not found.
0F Microcode not loaded.
10 PEI Core is started
11-14 Pre-memory CPU initialization is started
15-18 Pre-memory System Agent initialization is started
19-1C Pre-memory PCH initialization is started
2B-2F Memory initialization
30 Reserved for ASL
31 Memory installed
32-36 CPU post-memory initialization
37-3A Post-Memory System Agent initialization is started
3B-3E Post-Memory PCH initialization is started
4F DXE IPL is started
50-53 Memory initialization error. Invalid memory type or incompatible memory sped
54 Unspecified memory initialization error
55 Memory not installed
56 Invalid CPU type or Speed
57 CPU mismatch
58 CPU self test failed or possible CU cache error
59 CPU micro-code is not found or micro-code update is failed
5A Internal CPU error
5B Reset PPI is not available
5C-5F Reserved for future AMI error codes.
E0 S3 Resume is started (S3 Resume PPI is called by the DUX IPL)
E1 S3 Boot Scrip execution
E2 Video repost
E3 OS S3 wake vector call
E4-E7 Reserved for future AMI progress codes
E8 S3 Resume Failed
E9 S3 Resume PPI not Found
EA S3 Resume Boot Script Error
EB S3 OS Wake Error
EC-EF Reserved for future AMI error codes.
F0 Recovery condition triggered by firmware (Auto recovery)
F1 Recovery condition triggered by user (Forced recovery)
F2 Recovery process started
F3 Recovery firmware image is found
F4 Recovery firmware image is loaded
F5-F7 Reserved for future AMI progress codes
F8 Recovery PPI is not available
F9 Recovery capsule is not found
FA Invalid recovery capsule
FB-FF Reserved for future AMI error codes.
60 DXE Core is started
61 NVRAM initialization
62 Installation of the PCH Runtime Services
63-67 CPU DXE initialization is started
68 PCI host bridge initialization
69 System Agent DXE initialization is started
6A System Agent DXE SMM initialization is started
6B-6F System Agent DXE initialization (System Agent module specific)
70 PCH DXE initialization is started
71 PCH DXE SMM initialization is started
72 PCH devices initialization
73-77 PCH DXE initialization (PCH module specific)
78 ACPI module initialization
79 CSM initialization
7A-7F Reserved for future AMI DXE codes
90 Boot Device Selection (BDS) phase is started
91 Driver connecting is started
92 PCI Bus initialization is started
93 PCI Bus Hot Plug Controller Initialization
94 PCI Bus Enumeration
95 PCI Bus Request Resources
96 PCI Bus Assign Resources
97 Console Output devices connect
98 Console input devices connect
99 Super IO Initialization
9A USB initialization is started
9B USB Reset
9C USB Detect
9D USB Enable
9E-9F Reserved for future AMI codes
A0 IDE initialization is started
A1 IDE Reset
A2 IDE Detect
A3 IDE Enable
A4 SCSI initialization is started
A5 SCSI Reset
A6 SCSI Detect
A7 SCSI Enable
A8 Setup Verifying Password
A9 Start of Setup
AA Reserved for ASL
AB Setup Input Wait
AC Reserved for ASL
AD Ready to Boot event
AE Legacy Boot event
AF Exit Boot Services event
B0 Runtime Set Virtual Address MAP Begin
B1 Runtime Set Virtual Address MAP End
B2 Legacy Option ROM Initialization
B3 System Reset
B4 USB hot plug
B5 PCI Bus Hot Plug
B6 Clean-up of NVRAM
B7 Configuration Reset(reset of NVRAM settings)
B8-BF Reserved for future AMI codes
D0 CPU initialization error
D1 System Agent initialization error
D2 PCH initialization error
D3 Some of the Architectural Protocols are not available
D4 PCI resource allocation error. Out of Resources
D5 No Space for Legacy Option ROM
D6 No Console Output Devices are found
D7 No Console Input Devices are found
D8 Invalid password
D9 Error loading Boot Option (LoadImage returned error)
DA Boot Device is failed (StartImage returned error)
DB Flash update is failed
DC Reset protocol is not available

- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! - - Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below -

Competitive Benching Team - Warp9-Systems 

Save the old OC forums just by reading old school tec


They have the best F@H stats too. 




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