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Router Shenanigans

So I've recently been having issues with my network over the past few months. The internet access will randomly cut-out at various times for all devices which can usually be remedied by a reset of the router / modem. We were not seeing our advertised speeds for what we paid for either.  I suspected that this was on the ISP side of things so I had a tech come out and turns out it was a 15 year old cable spliter. This 100% fixed my speed issues. They ran diagnostics on the modem to confirm and I was getting upwards of 520 down and 120 up after the fix and the modem is stable. 


Fast forward 2 weeks and the same issues are happening again. I know it isn't the modem this time so I think my router is about to kick the can. Its an ASUS RT-AC86U (https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RT-AC86U/) which seems to be a decent mid-range situation and its fairly new (Had it for just over 2 years now). I've tried firmware updates and multiple network re-sets, factory resets, all the things that I can think of. 


Should I start looking for something new, or does anyone have the same issues and know a fix? (We have 23 devices connected which is a bit much, but it consists of various Amazon Echo's and Phillips Hue devices along with PC's, Tv's and Consoles, etc.) If so, what would you guys recommend for a replacement? I spent $199 for this thing last time. I really don't want to go past that price point but if its necessary then so be it I guess.


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If you get full speed directly connected to the modem then you can at least isolate the router as a slowly-forwarding-component.


23 isn't very much, I have 37 on my home network, although I would try to isolate IoT devices onto a separate wifi band than your main 'performance client' 5GHz SSID.

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