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On a fresh PC, should I install drivers first, or windows updates?

Hey everyone, tomorrow the last part that I need for my new build will come, so I'm hoping by tomorrow night everything will be put together and working (fingers crossed). Assuming I didn't mess up or break anything while putting it all together; I'll have to install windows, download drivers, updates etc. I got a USB specifically for the Windows Installation tool, that is how I plan to install windows on the new PC. I was also considering downloading all the drivers I am going to need, like GPU and mobo drivers, and putting them on separate USB. That way as soon as I get to desktop, I can start installing all the drivers from the USB.


However, a friend said I shouldn't install new drivers from a USB; that I should download them on the PC I plan to install them on. He also said I should do all the windows updates first before installing any other drivers for my GPU, mobo, bios, or whatever else.


So i was just wondering, does it make a difference which order I install / update things in? Or is there actually an order I should be doing these things in?



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It doesn't really matter the order any more. Modern windows isn't that picky.


Windows update will install most drivers you need.


Network normally works out of the box on most new systems, so no needed to put them on a usb.

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Though i would manually update the drivers for your GPU, because windows installs older versions of the drivers

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10 minutes ago, Bobbyman5506 said:

Though i would manually update the drivers for your GPU, because windows installs older versions of the drivers

Any idea if Windows will install older drivers for my mobo like chipset, audio, lan etc.?


I know when installing GPU drivers you can usually choose a "clean" installation (well with Nvidia you can, this is my first AMD card, so not sure). So I'll definitely install my 5600 XT drivers manually so that I can choose to delete all previous versions. But I wonder if it also updates my older mobo drivers as well?


Edit:  Also, another side question... Should I download / install the B450M "Onboard PIDE/SATA Drivers", if I my only drive is an m.2 Nvme?

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The only drivers I'd bother manually installing are GPU drivers, then if something specific pops up or you're really into a feature that needs manufacturer drivers install drivers for those. Manually installing chipset, LAN, sound card, etc. drivers just isn't necessary anymore.





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In some cases Windows will grab outdated or just the generic Microsoft drivers for some things so for the main drivers I always install them from the motherboards webpage on the manufacturer site just to be safe as I've had in more than a few instances where Windows has grabbed the wrong ones for Chipset, Audio, and Lan. I also wouldn't let Windows get the Graphics Driver, get that from the GPUs respective application whether it's Geforce Experience or AMD Adrenalin.

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