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Can i use an external Sound card for Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2


I just recently purchased the Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 headset. I have an external USB 7.1 sound card (A cheap Startech soundcard you can find on amazon.) I have been trying to get my headset to work with this card to no avail. Does the headset even work with external sound cards? Razer really doesnt have much on their website about it. I know the card works because it works with a regular 3.5mm set of apple headphones. If it doesnt work, what is the cheapest PCI sound card that works with the headset, as I only have one PCIe slot on my mobo.

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I see no reason it shouldn't work, 
Is the sound card actually producing 7.1 audio?
Do you have the knobs for the Tiamat set correctly?

We tend to not recommend 'true' 7.1 headsets here because in real life humans only hear in stereo, two ears creating a binaural 3D image using the minuscule delay between ears (due to the speed of sound) and spectral pinnae cues to localise the audio. The much smaller, multiple, drivers in true surround headphones are each less accurate than the two single drivers in stereo headphones while driving up cost for no benefit in applications with binaural stereo (and given Windows sonic can turn any 7.1 source into binaural audio, many applications don't even need that).

Hope that helps somewhat / you find it interesting

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