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Is it a new Surface battery or not?




In my Surface 4 Pro, the battery started expanding and I bought the new one (G3HTA027H) from one of the online stores.

Then it took for me several evening to figure out why it was not booting and I figured out that it boots without the battery but does not boot with the battery.

I talked to the seller and they told that they have tested the battery and it was new and was never used.

Here are the pictures of comparing the contacts of the "New" battery to my original:

The original has the black background, the "New" one is orange.




I told them that there are marks on the contacts and the seller says. "Of course, there will be marks in the contacts when it has been tested"


Here are the images of the battery when I unpacked it:




1. Could a new battery actually look like this?

2. How do i test it with a multimeter to see if it actually works?




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