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Is Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master good for overclocking i9-9900k to 5.0GHz

I have the Z390 Master and a 9900K. Keep in mine hitting 5GHz will depend on how good of a chip you get especially with AVX on. My chip can do 5.2 but only with AVX offset of 3. So I just have mine running at 4.9GHz with 0 AVX offset at 1.26V. Silicon lottery has some binning stats according to their experience of binning CPUs here:



According to them only top 5% of their 9900K were able to do 4.9GHz with AVX and 5.1GHz with no AVX at 1.312V. 


Aside from that the Aorus Master is a solid board. I do have a minor nitpick about it. There is some coil whine coming from the VRM with C states enabled. It probably won't bother you if you don't listen to closely but its there. So I just turned my C states off.

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