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Buying new monitor going from 1080p 120hz TN panel to 1440p

Go to solution Solved by Imabigmac,

Not as far as i know. At the time i bought this monitor i didn't look for much else than the 120 hz tag and low ms. But as i look up the monitor now i can't find anything confirming it having PWM

If it does that is a relief since this monitor haven't annoyed me with any flicker.

http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/monitors/display/acer-gd245hq-lg-flatron-w2363d_4.html, that's what I found, they claim it is anyway. I haven't been bothered by the flickering of my pb278q. I think if you stare at 27inches of bright light you get a headache pretty fast anyway.

So over 600 on a monitor... you're not even getting IPS. and you're getting 60Hz. waste of money I can almost buy 3 xstar DP2710LED monitors, which are all IPS and can do 120 Hz each. for a third of the price.

hope you enjoy it...

What is your problem Dude? Why are you so hostile. Don't you think after 1 and a half month that I would have considered every option? You obviously don't know a lot about the panel if you say it is worse than an IPS and Korean monitors are a gamble I could very well end up paying 2-3 times the price in shipping if there are flaws so imHo I choose the best option.

Not the cheapest but safest. So excuse me.

Have a nice day.

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Got the monitor today and i couldn't be more happy! I dun think the transition from 120hz - 60hz is gonna be that bad
Specially not when everything simply just looks amazing! My old TN looks yellowish and dull compared to the explosion of color from the Benq.


10/10 would recommend.

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