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Could I Install a 2080 with this build

16 hours ago, Maxxtraxx said:

The "back panel" is the side opposite of the panel you removed to see the motherboard, it must be removable because you can see the power cables that are run behind the motherboard. the back panel is not the rear of the machine where the power, usb, and video cables plug in but is instead the panel behind the motherboard.

Hi it says 600 watts I just sent a photo to make sure I'm looking at the correct thing

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Just now, MadocJ said:

Hi it says 600 watts I just sent a photo to make sure I'm looking at the correct thing



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It appears that you're all set to go ahead and get the card. according to the EVGA product page HERE that PSU (EVGA 600 BQ)has 2 8pin pcie cables available.


Congrats! post again when you get the card installed and up running and tested, we'd like to see the finished product and hear how the install went and what you think of the upgrade.


One final thought. If that's the card you want, then go for it! But there are other options with better coolers for likely a similar price that you may want to consider.

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For example, from the same website this card HERE.

This card uses an internally exhausted cooler with a much larger heat sink for potentially better cooling. it does exhaust the heat inside the case so you may need more fans or ventilation to keep the rest of the case cool but it will allow for more overclocking and be quieter.


The card that you linked is fine however.

It will produce more noise but it has the benefit of not pushing all of the hot exhaust air into the case and instead pushes it out the back of the card. It will work fine but these "Blower" style cards usually run hotter and have lower clockspeeds as a result. BUT they do not heat up the inside of the case if you have limited airflow or do not desire to add additional airflow/fans.


Just a thought. Good work gathing all the information you needed to make an informed decision!

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