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Processor choice for SOLIDWORKS

So I use SOLIDWORKS alot, (also MATlab and a few similar softwares), is there any benefit to having intel vs AMD CPUs. I am shopping.

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Something to remember about SOLIDWORKS is that a lot of the CPU bound operations in it (such as rebuild or creating drawing views) are single-core only.

So the number of cores are far less important than you might think at first.

However, some parts do use multiple cores. PhotoView 360 and Simulations can use more cores.



There is nothing in AMD or Intel processors which makes them inherently better or worse than one another for SOLIDWORKS. It all depends on which specific models you're comparing.

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Things changing right now. Depending on your Mathlab version it comes wih the cripple AMD software from Intel. In the latest builds there is a workaround included. 

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