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where do I connect my rgb cables to on my mb?

Hi I have a gigabyte x570 x gaming mb and also I have the Corsair carbide series spec delta rgb and the masterliquid ml240l. Where do I Connect the Corsair rgb fans to and the liquid cooler rgb fans too, I only see 1 rgb header on the mb 

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One is a 12v and the other is 5v. 


The manual should tell you which port to use. 

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Into an rgb controller

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I know that but can Corsair fans and master cooler fans connect to those 2 ports or will I have to buy an external port

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Gigabyte - download the maunal and look at it. There are 2 12v RGB ports LED_C1 & LED_C2, LED_C2 is by the ram. Read page 14 and note "Connect your RGB LED strip to the header. The power pin (markedwith a triangle on the plug) of the LED strip must be connected to Pin 1 (12V) of this header. Incorrect connection may lead to the damage of the LED strip."
Corsair - look at the quick start guide that would have come with your case, page 9. RGB splitter plugs into the 12v port, which on this board marked LED_C1 or LED_C2
Masterliquid -  Manual, image 12 shows the RGB splitter (part M) plugs into the 12v port, which is LED_C1 or LED_C2.
Your choice to which splitter plugs in where.
D_LED1 & D_LED2 (D_LED2 is next to LED_C2) are for 5v, yours are not 5v.

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