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OS on SATA M.2 or NVME? Does it matter?

I already have 1 1TB SATA m.2 SSD https://www.newegg.com/samsung-860-evo-series-1tb/p/N82E16820147678?Item=N82E16820147678 installed in the mobo, and this is currently my sole drive. I wanted to expand my storage so I ordered a 1TB NVME SSD https://www.newegg.com/intel-660p-series-1tb/p/N82E16820167462?Item=N82E16820167462 to install in my PCIe x4 adapter for a clean no cable solution. The question I have is should I leave the OS on the SATA M.2, or clone it to the NVME M.2 for a gaming/Youtube/Netflix computer? 

Ryzen 3600X, MSI B450-A Pro, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz, Watercooled MSI GTX 1080 Armor,

Seasonic SSR-550rm, Samsung EVO 860 EVO SSD M.2, Rosewill Stryker M


Xeon X5680, X58 Sabertooth, 24GB KLEVV 1600Mhz , Windforce GTX 960 4GB OC, Corsair CX550M 

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NVMe should give you slightly faster boot times, and apps may also load slightly faster. If that's worth the work of migrating the OS to you, go for it. Otherwise, wait until you need to reinstall for some other reason anyway.

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19 minutes ago, Eigenvektor said:

NVMe should will give you slightly faster boot times, and apps may will also load (slightly) faster.

There, I corrected that for you 😉😋


Having said that, not all mainboards are created equal and quite a few will not be able to boot from a PCIe-attached storage device/boot-disk. This is particularly the case with older ones.

"You don't need eyes to see, you need vision"


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