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Laptop lost drives af BIOS update, Help needed.

Hello everyone



Laptop Model: Asus ROG Scar II, GL504GS.

OS: Windows 10 home (64bit)

BIOS Version: GL504GS.308 

Disks: (C:) 256 SSD, (D:) 1 TB HDD



Yesterday windows prompted an update, when i shut down my laptop. The update started, and apparently was a BIOS update (Did not know windows update could force that). The update completes successfully, and restarts, then boots to windows. I quickly realize that the HDD (D:) is missing in windows, and only the (C:) SSD is showing. The HDD is not showing up in device manager, and it is not showing up in the BIOS. It is as if the HDD is not being registered at all by the laptop. 


Help resolving this issue would be very much appreciated 


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Try reinstalling newest bios but via bios - Asus EZ Flash

Download bios from asus site, put it on a usb stick, launch bios , launch EZ Flash, install. 
If that won't solve the issue you could also downgrade bios to older working version

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Thanks for the reply, i am a bit apprehensive about messing with the BIOS, but perhaps it is the only choice. Just seems weird to me, why a bios update would effect the HDD.

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