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How to increase voltage with Dynamic Vcore ?


I've had my Ryzen 2600 for quite a while now and I used to  run it overclocked with my old motherboard(Asrock b350 Pro4 or something like that) at around 3,9Ghz at very reasonable temp with my core voltage around 1.38-1.39 if i remember correct.

So long story short, I broke the motherboard by accident and got the Gigabyte b450 Aorus m as a replacement. 

Now since I haven't overclocked anything els in my life, I'm having troouble with the different way this motherboard overclocks.

On the old MB, All i had to do was type how much Voltage I want to run on, But on the Gigabyte MB, I have 3 options.

Dynamic Vcore(DVID)

Dynamic Vcore SOC(DVID)

DRAM Voltage (CH A/b)

Everything is set to auto.

Now since im running on stock voltage right now, What am I supposed to type in to have 1.39V as a starting point ? 
I'd love if someone explains how this works in an easy way.

Thanks ! 

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