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Buying enterprise drive for my desktop



I want to buy this drive for storage on my desktop (everything except games which will be stored on a StoreMI drive). Seagate Exos 8TB




I want this drive because its good value for money relative to other 8tb drives, 5 yr warranty, and high spec for readability.


My question is, does anyone else use enterprise drives in their desktop? Is this a terrible idea for some reason I am not aware of?

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NOPE! sometimes they are slower favoring reliability over speed but besides that go right ahead!

I live in misery USA. my timezone is central daylight time which is either UTC -5 or -4 because the government hates everyone.

into trains? here's the model railroad thread!

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Personally, I always go for enterprise drives - they are FAR more reliable and durable than consumer models. Hence why I recommend WD Red and RE models.

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