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Cod Modern Warfare - which perk has this effect?

I've been playing multiplayer and noticed a few times the player name jumping from blue to red (own team to opposition) it fooled me a a number of times too. 

Which perk is this? Didn't see it on any of the descriptions. Is it Ghost? 



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Sounds like someones manipulating the game or your installation is goofed somewhere

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My game is 100% fine. It was just one player. I presumed it was some sort of cloaking perk. 

Didn't consider it being a hack? 

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Sorry not one player in one game. I've seen it a number of times on multiplayer games. 

Not on warzone obviously as the players don't have identification tags above their heads. 

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I could be wrong but I think I may have seen this posted on Reddit as being a bug... 


Like, if you're aiming, sometimes player's nametags appear as the wrong colour 


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Yeah that's exactly what it was. 


Ah fair enough that's why I couldn't find any more info when I googled it. 

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