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I have a dell optiplex 780 w 10 gb of ram and I want to use it as an emulation PC in my living room, unfortunately it seems the parts it has are failing to meet my hopes. I want to emulate IDEALLY PS3 back, but I'm currently struggling with Gamecube emulation via Dolphin, it only allows for one backend, direct3D 11, nothing else runs at all, except for none and none runs about as well as a small car trying to push a brick wall, while direct3D 11 runs usually visually pretty smooth, but the audio is crap and video has frequent slowdowns. what I'm asking for is advice on how to improve performance, what to tweak for optimal play, or what to upgrade within reasonable cost, seeing as the whole PC only cost me 20$

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well what are this pc's specs can.help you better with them. is it a laptop? 


if its a desktop, well emulators take high specs, and you said "visually" that suggests maybe a graphics card upgrade would help. assuming the cpu doesnt bottleneck.

main rig:

CPU: 8086k @ 4.00ghz-4.3 boost

PSU: 750 watt psu gold (Corsair rm750)

gpu:axle p106-100 6gbz msi p104-100 @ 1887+150mhz oc gpu clock, 10,012 memory clock*2(sli?) on prime w coffee lake igpu

Mobo: Z390 taichi ultimate

Ram: 2x8gb corsair vengence lpx @3000mhz speed

case: focus G black

OS: ubuntu 16.04.6, and umix 20.04

Cooler: mugen 5 rev b,

Storage: 860 evo 1tb/ 120 gb corsair force nvme 500



8gb ram celeron laptop/860 evo 500gb

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Well throwing in something like an rx 470 or 480 (depending on where you live you can get these for 60-90 USD)would definitely improve the situation, but assuming you have the core 2 duo model that thing is going to be a huge bottleneck. Tech yes city has some good budget build videos with some options that would make more sense.

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