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Hi! Not new to desktops but also not very expirienced. I need some help. For my pc, I am having some troubles regarding internet connection. I have resorted to a usb adapter for Wifi. This was not my first choice regarding internet connection. My router is nowhere near my pc setup and I would be unable to access ethernet at the moment. I have tried Wifi cards but they still get the same unfortunate results as my current usb wifi adapter. Anywho, I enjoy gaming, but I can't help to notice when playing online/multiplayer games that I get lag spikes or conection freezes every roughly 5 seconds. My laptop along with my family's desktop has no problems as such and expirience no connection problems like I do. I used to game on my laptop and never got the connection freeze. I am able to stay in game and not be disconnected but can't help to lag for about a second or two every 5 seconds. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember on my desktop. I always wondered if it was my usb adapter or pce slot so even went as far as getting a new expensive Asus usb Wifi adapter for christmas but still get the same connection spikes. My friends either have ehternet or wifi cards and those who have wifi cards have a totally fine time playing online games. I can even clearly see my connection spikes happen when on discord my three green connection bars when in a voice chat goes to one red for a second or two then back to three green bars. Have had this pc for about 3-4 years now. Can't help to think if it's the motherboard or something. (I honestly couldn't know). Help would be great!


GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950

CPU - Intel Core i5-4430

Ram - 24.0gb

Storage - Intel Raid 1 Volume - 1.0tb

Motherboard - Asus z97-Pro Gamer


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How do you know it is a connection problem? Do you get these lag spikes in single player/offline games?

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14 minutes ago, FredyBobJoe said:

How do you know it is a connection problem? Do you get these lag spikes in single player/offline games?

Yeah, like in my experience, if your connection drops for a second, it doesn't actually freeze your game. It allows you to continue to move and you either rubberband back to where you were before or "teleport" to where you moved to after your connection gets restored.

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12 hours ago, FredyBobJoe said:

What speed do you get when transferring files between your desktop and laptop?

Not sure. Don't know how I would check. Upload/download speeds differ based on wifi cards/adapters that I use but all still expirience lag spikes. Like NDBroughton said, it's like rubberbandding or getting teleported back to where my character was roughly 1 second ago. Almost certain it has nothing to do with internet nor my wifi adapter or wifi cards since my other devices/computers/laptop don't have this problem. 

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