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Lowest latency streaming to Chromecasts over the internet

Hi, i've been wanting to solve this issue for a long time, but i haven't found a good solution, so i decided to post here, hoping somebody knows something that may work. I have been looking into ways to stream my desktop over the internet to multiple Chromecasts at low latency. I started using Youtube, but even with the best encoder presets, and Ultra low latency enabled, i only mustered about a 4-5 second delay. I looked into other streaming services, hearing that mixer has a really good latency, but there is no option to make the stream private, same with twitch. I then explored VLC, and after getting it set up, I still got about a 3 second delay, which is better then YouTube, but not enough (this was streaming locally too, not even over the internet). I heard some people say that FFmpeg may work, but I could not find out a clear guide on how to get that working to stream to a Chromecast. Also, i need this to be easy for my friends to cast, as they aren't great with technology.

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