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ok so i got my pc in august of 2019 and since then my pc has been fine 


ASRock B450M motherboard

ryzen 3 3200G

corsair ddr4 ram 8g x 2

Nvidia 1660 ti

crucial 550g ssd

corsair cx550m power supply

and then one day on march 20 2020 my monitors screens shut off but the monitors were still on somehow and then my pc fans accelerated

can anyone help me with this problem

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i Have a similar problem with my system, its like urs but with a ryzen 3 2200g, and an rx560.

I used to have no problems with fullscreening and the monitor in general but one day for some reason when i fullscreened any game, it would turn the screen black every time i changed menus (like going to the settings or to different tabs in the game). Overtime depending on how long ive been in fullscreen, the screen will stay black for longer periods of time until eventually i have to restart the game or slowly navigate to settings and change it back to windowed. ive had this problem for about 1 year now and i still cant find the root of the problem, ive tried so many things that i dont even remember what ive done and not done anymore. I dont have access to another pc or another monitor, so i cant possibly test out the problem by checking the components. Ive had to play on windowed mode for a year now and ive had to stop playing games competitively because of it. I still havent found the problem nor the solution but if you end up finding anything i would appreciate if you could update this post.

BTW this problem also happens on windowed fullscreen.

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