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Issue With Controlling Three Screens

I have three LG Flat Screens in the same room and all three use the LG Magic Remote Control. Whenever I try to use the remote it tries to control all three Flat Screens at the same time. Is there a way to make each of my three remotes control each individual Flat Screen?


I tried a basic search but did not find anything. I hope that someone can point me in the right direction and give me a tip on which direction to search for more information.

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I'm going to guess LG didn't implement a remote to TV identifier per specific TV.  Samsung from what I've experienced doesn't either (IE, one remote can operate multiple Samsung TVs, even different models, so long as they're in the same family).


At least with Samsung you can properly differentiate by using their App on a phone or tablet to control each TV individually.  Perhaps LG has something similar.


There might also be a way to use an IR blaster if your TV uses an IR sensor, perhaps.

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Downloading the LG TV app for my phone worked. Its not perfect but its definitely a 9 our of 10 solution for this issue. I can now choose each tv and control one at a time without interfering with the others in the room. 

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