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Corsair iCue software broken

I am having trouble with iCue software. I have had a H80i GT in my computer until about a month ago when I upgraded to a H100i V2. I had no similar problems with the H80i but with the H100i they are persistent. The problem is that during normal operation fans operate as they should (silently as i have set a custom fan curve) but as soon as i start a program, and i mean any program except maybe Microsoft Edge, they ramp up and become loud. The temperatures are under 40°C (on a FX 8350) only because the fans are rotating at max speed which should not happen as the curve i set should hold them at 25% speed until they reach 60°C. My question is why cannot iCue control my fans as i have set them or am i doing something wrong and there is a setting to ramp fans compared to load instead of temperatures?


Also i should add that after i close the program which caused the computer to be under load and press the reset button in iCue, the fans reset to their normal velocity following the set curve.

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