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Ram limited to 2400mhz when ram and mobo clearly supports 2666mhz

ive got my pc for like 2 months now and ive been kinda bothered by my ram unable to clock at 2666mhz

im using the geil evo potenza 2666mhz 1x8 stick of ram and an asrock h310cm-dvs mobo(2 dimms)

i checked out the website of the motherboard and it says it supports up to 2666mhz ram

the ram also clearly 2666mhz (on the package and on the website)


i also tried playing with the bios settings but nothing works

also checked cpu z and it says its clocked at 2400 


is there any way to fix this,if not,i wont return the ram since its too much of a hassle for just 233mhz of a difference


thx in advance

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Have you tried running XMP profiles? Can you manually set the speed of the ram?

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well anything above a 2400mhz clock is an OC maybe your mobo supports it but under OC mode. 

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