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Completely Silent EPYC Server!!?! - Turemetal UP10




Traditionally servers are really loud, but this one from Turemetal claims to be completely silent.


Check out Turemetal: http://www.turemetal.com/product_en.html


Buy an EPYC processor 

On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/YKmvF

On Newegg: https://geni.us/pbthiHH


Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

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Just needs Anthony on a unicycle playing bagpipes in the background to annoy Linus. 

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i just put the tower in a different room if i want it silent

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I am a big FAN of fanless systems.


Also, it reminds me of a certain Streacom case somehow.

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I have a Supermicro board with built-in X540-T2. Can confirm those NIC's can get freaking hot without active cooling.


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I love the idea of a sleek fanless pc like this and it looks great as well but the hot components inside  without any active cooling would still leave a weird feeling for me... :/


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Not sure I would want to run this in the summer or any place where the ambient is 30C. If what you really want is silent computing go water and use low RPM sub-ambient-db fans - the reason why servers don't need to be silent is because YOU KEEP THEM IN A SERVER ROOM.


Server grade hardware can tolerate some pretty extreme temps, but they also have the airflow to do the work. This fanless enclosure DOESN'T. Even a tiny heatsink with sufficient airflow can keep a small component like a NIC cool. Going over 120C is certainly not going to last long and I suspect this product was one of those rushed designs not particularly well thought through.


On the flip side, this would make for a great living room htpc SPACE HEATER for your winter cabin while at the same time keep that entire medium pizza hot and toasty.


Now I'm hungry.

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I want a VERY SMALL case that's basically like this but with the heatsink on the inside too. Then ONE fan running at 500 RPM or something like that. 

Just a massive blob of metal with medium-spaced fins.

As was stated, the hard part is the non-standardized CPU socket location.

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@AlexTheGreatish, what game is that you're playing? 



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Actually the owner was pretty smart.  Buy all the stuff, send it to LTT.  Let LTT put it together and set up, work out all the bugs and then send him the finished computer. 

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