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Pint sized heavy weight (Ncase M1 build)

I've always loved small form factor cases over bling and led. The build below is my dream build. Having discovered £1 listings on ebay and getting some really good prices for my old hardware I set about building this mini beast. It had to be small, quiet and pack a punch. 

Fitting the dual AIO's in was a challenge but once the orientation is right it goes in nicely. The CPU AIO  radiator is actually sitting over the PSU and the GPU radiator sits over the CPU block. I found this to be the best orientation to avoid kinks. 

I only use the PC for gaming and Revit which is primarily single threaded so figured a cooler 9700k would be a better fit for the small form factor than a furnace 9900k. 

Temps 50C/60c gaming CPU

GPU RTX games 62c with normal games running around 50c. 


All in all I'm over the moon with it. Just tempted to swap out to the better noctua fans on the rads. 


I'll post another pic in its second habitat. The living room tonight. OLED 4k/60hz HDR single player games are a sight to behold. 



Msi Gaming Carbon z370i

9700k @ 5.1ghz 24/7

Gigabyte Gaming OC 2080 ti

Corsair SF750

16Gb Corsair Ddr4 @ 3700mhz



Saberent 1tb M.2

500gb Crucial SSD

2tb Samsung HDD



Kraken G12 + corsair h50 - GPU

Corsair H60 CPU

Noctua Redux 1700RPM fans



Creative G6

Senheiser 6XX cans


3D mark results:

Fire Strike - 29367

Port Royal - 10372

Time Spy Extreme - 7261





In its natural habitat. 



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I wasn't 100% happy with the 2080Ti temps so i've made some updates:

I managed to source a 49mm deep radiator which was essentially the same in all other aspects as the Corsair H55.

Installed a fan controller for the 92 and 120mm redux fans for the GPU incoming air and the NF-A12x15 extract below the GPU block. I'm hoping the air will be drawn over the card then exhausted out.

Swapped out the fans for CPU & GPU fans for noctua nf-a12x25  -TIP.. Don't bother with any other fan. These are so much quieter than the redux fans. Even at 100% they're not that loud.


Very happy with the results 52C in metro and 45C in COD Warzone.






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