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Can you Set a Thermal limit on a cpu


Recently my Lenovo y530 cpu fan stopped working, the gpu fan is still working though

I replaced thermal paste and tried to take the fan apart to try and see the issue but I couldn't

until I find a replacement fan, can I set a thermal limit to my cpu through software because the BIOS is pretty limited.

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Typically thermal limits are set through BIOS. I don't believe there is a software solution for that.

IMO don't run the computer until you get a replacement fan.

CPU: AMD Threadripper 2950X 16 Core/ 32 Thread 4.4ghz (XFR)

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme

RAM: Quad Channel Gskill Flare X 32GB 2933mhz 14-14-14-34


Case: Corsair Graphite 780T

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